Kasuun School Supply Lists

Basic School Supply Lists for the 2017-2018 School Year


This is the current school supply lists for Kasuun's 2017-18 school year. Please keep in mind that these lists are created to provide for the entire school year. 

Shoes: Gym shoes are to remain at school for P.E. classes and classroom wear during "boot" season. Gym shoes must have non-marking soles. When purchasing your child's everyday shoes for school, please assist us by trying to purchase regular shoes that also do not leave black marks on floors. Please put students first and last name on shoes. 

Backpack/Book Bag: A backpack or book bag is an essential item for all of our students. They allow for important papers, homework, library/classroom books and lunches to be easily transported back and forth between school and home. Please put the student's first and last name somewhere in or on the backpack/book bag. We also request that there are no wheels on the item.

Additional items may be requested by individual teachers that relate to their classroom programs during the school year. Most will be requested at the start of the school year. 



Preschool students will receive a supply list at in-person registration on August 1, 2, & 3.


Please bring as many of these items as possible to the kindergarten profile meeting instead of the first day of kindergarten. 


$20.00 for student supplies- Our kindergarten teachers purchase crayons, markers, glue and glue sticks, folders, erasers, etc. They are able to purchase these supplies in bulk at a savings. Having all the same supplies avoids any classroom conflict and insures that all students have the same tools.

1 pair of gym shoes (slip-on or Velcro, non-marking soles, to be kept at school) If your child cannot tie shoes yet, Velcro is recommended.

1 backpack (full sized- to be brought to and from school every day. No roller wheels.)

1 plain white t-shirt (size 10, 12, or 14- This is for a yearlong project. The shirt should fit over your child's clothes at the END of the school year.)

1 Large box of Kleenex (to be shared)

1 Large container baby wipes

1 pair of headsets (over the ears) to use in the computer lab--no earbuds please 

Ziploc bags-- Last name A-L - 1 box gallon size & 1 box quart size

                    Last name M-Z - 1 box 2-gallon size & 1 box sandwich size (Walmart carries the 2-gallon size)   



School supplies are shared

1 Large box Kleenex

36  #2 Pencils- plain style

4 Boxes of Crayons

1 Set of colored pencils 

1 Pair pointed scissors (i.e. Fiskars)

12 Glue sticks

2 3-prong folders with pockets

1 Book bag or backpack (no wheels)

1 Pair of headphones for computer lab

1 Pair of gym shoes (non-marking sole bottom)

1 box gallon size Ziploc bags

1 box sandwich size Ziploc bags

1 large container of baby wipes

4 Expo dry erase markers

1 box of either skinny or large markers



2 Large boxes Kleenex

36 #2 plain pencils- Ticonderoga only

1- 8 oz. bottle of white "Elmers" glue (No Roseart brand)

1 Pair pointed child-size scissors

1 Box of 24 crayons (no large boxes)

1 Box of 8-10 large markers

1 standard school pencil bag or box

1 Box of colored pencils

4 large white erasers

1 Primary ruled composition journal

1 Pair gym shoes (non-marking sole bottom)

1 Backpack (no wheels)

4 Glue sticks

1 Pair headphones for computers

2 pocket folders (no prongs) 

1 Box plain Band-aids



2 Large boxes Kleenex

48 #2 plain pencils - Ticonderoga brand

1 Large glue stick

1 Pair of pointed scissors

1 Box of Crayons

1 Box colored pencils

1 Box of Markers

2 Double pocket folders

2 Spiral notebooks

1 Pair gym shoes (non-marking sole bottoms)

1 Container of Clorox wipes

1 Box sandwich size or 1 box gallon size bags

1 package wide-ruled paper

1 pair headphones or earbuds for computer

Other supplies to be announced by individual classroom teachers



24  #2 pencils with erasers

1 Pair of pointed scissors

1 Box of crayons

1 Boxes of colored pencils

1 Bottle of white glue

1 Box of colored felt tip markers

2 Pocket folders

1 Inflexible ruler with centimeters and inches

1 Pair of gym shoes (non-marking sole bottoms)

1 Pencil pouch

1 Book bag or backpack

1 Large Box of Kleenex

2 Composition books

1 Ream photocopy paper

1 Container surface cleaning wipes 



60  #2 pencils with erasers

1 set assorted colored pencils (12 or less) or crayons

1 pack of dividers

2 500-count lined wide-ruled notebook paper

1 Pair pointed steel bladed scissors

1 Tray watercolor paints

2 Large bottles of glue

8 Large erasers

1 Pair of gym shoes (non-marking sole bottoms)

1 Book bag or backpack

1 Small pencil pouch or box for school supplies

1 set of markers

1 2-inch binder with pockets

3 Containers disinfecting wipes



48  #2 pencils with erasers (per semester)

1 Black Sharpie marker

1 set of colored pencils

1 Tray watercolor paints

1 small bottle Elmer's glue

4 Extra large glue sticks

1 Pair of pointed steel bladed scissors

1 small supply/pencil pouch (flat zipper pouch, no boxes)

1 Backpack or book bag

1 Pair gym shoes (non-marking sole bottoms)

1 Pair of headphones/earphones

4 Ballpoint pens-  2 red & 2 blue

1 Container Clorox/Lysol wipes

1 Box of individually packaged snacks

4 Mead composition books (no other sizes - no spirals)

1 ream Astrobright paper (any color)

1 Vinyl 2-pocket folder with prongs

If your last name begins with:

A-N 1 box Kleenex

O-Z 1 box sandwich size Ziploc bags